About Analie Steinway

About Anelie Steinway

By Anelie Steinway from HRS website: 

I have had some 5 years’ experience in Forex and commodities trading. My major pair currency trade is in GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD and in commodities Crude Oil and Gold were my majors before I decide to venture into online advertisement business. I had no inner satisfaction working as a Forex and commodity trader though; I will make between 30 to 50 percent monthly profit for both myself and my clients. That prompted me to go in search for something that will drive me passionately, satisfy my inner instinct and also earn income. A very well respected friend of mine I met recently ask “ Anelie, why are you interested in doing this If you can make 30 – 50% per month… why not just manage Forex funds for people? My response was that advertisement is a passion to me. Trading is an added advantage because I can easily manage my own Forex account with 50k portfolio and make 30-50% profit a month so; it is not a big deal for me. I have not come here to rip-off any one’s fund because my plans are well articulated to drive a sustainable long-term program. From my research, most hit and run admins are speedily fading away because all they do is leveraging. So, if new investors are not coming then their projects are ban to fail. It was my resolve never to operate a failed project that is why I have decided to diversify our profit base to ensure all members our accommodated in our earning plan. I will not stand here to tell you all is perfect. We will work toward improvement and sustainability as everything on earth has its own challenges.

Suffix me to now tell you some features which make HRS different from the rest. Because some sites uses delay tactic to rip-off their members, I decided to invent a program that will pay it members every hour while considering it long-term sustainability. This is hour we came by the name HourlRevShare. In the western world, we (workers) are paid by the hours we put into work. So, first point is that as a paid member, you share in our profit pool every single hour of the day depending on what level you are.

Second point is that we operate a 70/30 compounding rule on a long-term basis. Third point is that you have the opportunity to withdraw 100% referral commission whenever you like. Please note that there are 2 withdrawal buttons on our site. One is exclusively to withdraw Ref. commission with no compound rule and the second one it to withdraw your normal rebate. It is also important for sake of clarity to note that anytime you place a withdrawal, 30% of your earnings automatically go into re-purchase balance which you must use only to re-purchase Ad Packs.

It is a whole bumper harvest for those who will refer people and keep referring because anytime they make a purchase, you earning continuously whether from their initial purchase or from re-purchase made from their normal earning balance. Isn’t it amazing?

Member’s feedback is very important to us. For this reason, we have added a public shout box and Skype for instant feedback. This way, members can discuss, socialize and we can also respond to any concern openly, both are live support tools. You can also send us confidential account related issues via our contact form. Our major goal is to become a leading ADVERTISEMENT COMPANY. We are certainly not concern in making huge profit for now because when our traffic base is huge, big companies will keep knocking and you know what that means? MONEY!

Some members funded their wallet and have not upgraded their account by purchase Ad Packs. If you have not upgraded your account and have funded your wallet please do because no rebate is credited to wallet account. Please login to your account now and utilize your funds otherwise no rebate will be credited to your account.

We will do our very best to make you a happier person by paying all your earnings and withdrawals as quickly as we can. Please, always inform us if you have any issue with your account as we are here to help you with anything and provide answers to all questions relating to your HRS account.

Thanks and God bless you.

Analie Steinway
Administrator HRS



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